Web development – Standard and commercial websites

The difference between standard and business sites isn’t just in their purpose; there are differences in the elaboration of the same. They both require extensive knowledge of several coding languages (more you know the better site you can build) which every web developer possesses.

Development of general websites

The person who wants to create a webpage needs the knowledge of web technologies and coding languages. The average developer should have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and XHTML. Those that want to create websites that have additional features should also learn CSS, XML, ASP and any other language that others use.

Some people tend to edit their text files, but it’s better and more efficient to have an editor that will work alongside the developer. Editing also requires knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express and other similar software.
Once the writing is done, the developer has to test their website. The best way to do that is through testing on all the main web browsers (not everyone uses the browser the developer prefers). The final step is the validation of the page (making sure that it fulfills all requirements and standards).
A good website consists of several pages, and each and every one of them needs to be unique and exciting to the visitor. A professional web developer is a person who can create a unique website that stands out.

How to build a commercial website

The development of a site for commercial use is almost same as the building of a regular site. The only significant difference is the path the developer has to follow. Commercial sites are there to make money and therefore they have to be developed to meet the needs of the future clients.
Sites that sell products should have simple and yet compelling order where the customer can choose a product and read more about it on the page of that product. Info about the product should be near the picture of the same. Overcomplicating is something that every web developer should avoid.

Commercial websites that sell services are simple, and they don’t have too many pages. The main page should be interesting, and it should contain data about the service and the provider. Several other pages should exist, one of them should be supported page, and another should be a page about the vendor (more extensive than on the main page) and so on. Every page should be different to avoid monotonous look.

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