The most prominent web development conferences in 2016

2016 was a year of web development and many new technologies advanced which caused improvement of the industry. Many of those techs are still in their infancy stage, and new breakthroughs in this field were the main subject of many prominent conferences.
Many events regarding this industry happened in 2016, and we will overview some of the biggest gatherings. We will mention their goals and accomplishments as well as famous guests and speakers.

Top web development conferences

San Francisco was the home field of one of the biggest conferences called Smashing Conference. The event lasted for two days (April fifth and sixth), and it was the event that explored insights into the industry, new techniques, and tricks within the field. People who visited could participate in six workshops and listen to 16 speakers. The subjects revolved around Persuasive Design and CSS Architecture.

NDC Oslo was a success once again. This event lasted for five days, with two days of workshops and three days of the actual conference. This event didn’t have any focus on a particular subject except the discussion about the future technologies that will impact the web development. People were able to listen to experienced speakers and their subjects that included, among other things, Cloud technology, design, UX, security and so on.
The primary focus of Information Energy 2016 was the creation of usable information through collaboration and cooperation. The idea was to create and discover data that would benefit multiple parties. The best way to find that kind of info is through connections with entities from other spheres.

Other significant events that happened in 2016

The Fronteers Spring Conference was an event organized by the community of Fronteers, and it brought together some rather prominent speakers like Yan Zhu and Marcy Sutton. The general topic of this event was the technical, visual and accessible performance.
Collective 2016 is a somewhat strange event that doesn’t follow the guidelines of other conferences. This event lasted for three days, and all interested visitors could learn from fourteen successful web developers. The events gathered app builders, web development companies and other relevant entities from the industry (Instagram, Facebook and so on).

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