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SEO Hacks That Will Increase Your Google Ranking

Making your website appear on the first page of Google is a hundred times more difficult than opening a successful retail store. There are thousands of brands which compete every day to stay on top of their fields, and if you have started a new website, you will need these hacks to improve your ranking among these big giants on Google. Google has regular updates in its engine algorithms to prevent spamming of low-quality websites, and you will also need to keep improvising your methods in optimizing your website to eliminate these spam websites.

Guest Posting

Take the maximum advantage of guest posting on reputed websites. This will have a significant impact on your search engine ranking. Contribute articles to the websites which have good traffic in exchange for advertising a link to your website. Google verifies the credibility of your URL that is available on other websites which will provide a vote of confidence based on the positivity of your credits.

Mobile-based websites

In 2017, Google announced its switch to a ‘mobile-first index’ which provides more importance to the websites that are dedicated to mobile phones over desktop-based websites. You need to design SEO friendly mobile-based websites with mobile-first optimization and this is best left to the experts. This Denver seo agency helps you create custom websites to help gain maximum ranking and minimize the bounce rates.

Weekly Blog

If you are single-handedly hosting a website, you should make sure to blog at least once a week. The more content your website has, the longer a reader will stay, and the easier it is for optimization on the search engine. Constant updates on your website will alert Google that the website is active, which will be beneficial in your favor.

Long-tail keywords

People often search for a specific problem or information. You need to be creative in finding out what people are looking for instead of just focusing on the niche. A long sentenced key will amplify your chances of getting noticed compared to one or two-word key. For example “New technology for home décor” will provide you with multiple keywords and will lead you to a specific world insight to explore compared to using just “Latest Technology” which is not very specific and will have thousands of spams.

Fast-loading Website

Your audience’s time is very important, and they will quickly lose interest in exploring your website if it takes more than 3 seconds. If your customer does not receive fast service, they will switch to your competitors, which will affect the bounce rate, and that is not good for your website.

Make quality content

Do not slack off in terms of creating content for your website. Google algorithms can identify between well-written content and a piece of garbage. Make sure your article has importance, and the readers feel the value for it. Try writing your content for at least 1500-2000 words which provide quick access to key information to all your products and services. Make the pages easy to access and clear for all types of audience to read.

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