Introducing new Data 2.0 Summit

Every individual speculates on what the next step in technology development is and it’s not strange that the primary focus of this Data 2.0 Summit strikes near it. The summit and its organizers ask why the Data Revolution is the next step in our advancement.
The cloud tech experiences new breakthroughs on a weekly basis, and it’s obvious that this tech represents the technology of the future. This summit will focus on questions about the path that this advancement should take and the way it is on at this moment.
Many prominent speakers will address other issues that concern data. We will experience a lot of talk about possible monetization of the data as well as API infrastructure and its place in this new world. Accessibility to the data and its openness is another subject that will be addressed. The founder of the summit will present a panel that will discuss the openness of the Open Web. These are only some of the things you will experience on this years’ Data 2.0 Summit.

Morning Session 1
Panel: Why Open Data?

Governments have started opening data for many reasons: it is a politically affirmative action, and it alleviates the responsibility of analyzing and interpreting the data internally. Social Networks open data so they can become more valuable as the hub of many spokes since 3rd parties will develop applications that make their data more useful. Will traditional businesses open their data? Are some forms of data such as financial information necessarily closed-off and high-priced?

Data Storage Management

Examine challenges with managing explosive data growth. Tools, techniques, technologies, processes, and procedures are reviewed to help you visualize data storage, be prepared for rapid data storage growth, manage SLAs, facilitate chargeback and determine costs

Morning Session 2
The Advertising Equation

We don’t market. We target ads to online users based on their customer profile, real-time ad pricing, and sophisticated analytics. From hyper-personalization to ad marketplaces, what is the latest equation for placing the right ad in front of the right user at the right time? What does the future of advertising look like in a real-time personalized web?

Augmented Business Intelligence

When most people think “business intelligence,” they think about corporations with silos of private data using software and analytics to enhance operational decisions. With the emergence of new lines of evidence–from open data to social data and data as a service–new BI platforms can augment your corporate data with external data. Where does your BI platform source data from? How are you enabling businesses to plug in additional sources? How do you see the BI landscape changing in the next ten years?

Morning Session 3
Future of Social Data

The Future of Social Data panel tackles how the web will adapt to who we are and who we interact with. Where will my social data exist online, and who will own it? What are the efforts to standardize social data between web services? What buying habits or personal preferences can be inferred from our social data? How do we balance exposing social data on services like Twitter with locking down social data in services like Gmail?

Twilio, The Pesky Side Effect of Data

Use of infrastructure services (IaaS/PaaS) results in the generation of interesting datasets on your usage. Let’s look at what infrastructure can do to help alleviate the storage and analytics burden of this data, and how platform providers can make this echo-data accessible and useful.

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