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Every web developer has an array of instruments that they use. Not all individuals use same tools as some have preferences for one, or another type of help that those tools provide. New developers are always on the lookout for new web development tools that will complement their skills, and they search them through many internet registers that contain such things.
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Some web development tools don’t get the attention they deserve. They are excellent, but people don’t use them because they don’t look very promising at the beginning.

Play Framework is a good example of this. It’s one of the best tools for the creation of apps with Scala and Java. It’s relatively easy to use it, and you only need a text editor and a browser to create applications. It has testing tools already built in, so the patching process is simplified. This software creates apps that are incredibly fast because of its runtime and compiler work on JVM.
Another excellent and under-rated tool is the Apache Couch DB which is an open source product which allows the user to store all types of data on the cloud with JSON documents. It also permits the conversion of said documents with the use of JavaScript. Another excellent feature of this program is the ability to query the indexes and follow the progress of the web development through real-time notifications.

Other less known web development tools from this register

Bug Muncher is an exemplary bug feedback application that assists with bug fixing after the site goes online. It allows people to highlights the bugs on the site and Bug Muncher makes a report of the bug and sends it to you. This turns a long and tedious exchange of emails regarding the bug in a simple one click highlight and instantaneous report.

The Converse is the only chat based tool in this register and it’s perfect for websites that sport char-rooms. It allows the programmer to set different types of chat rooms on the same site. It also allows translation of the text into fifteen different languages. It’s written in Javascript so you can run in in the browser.

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