Five Ways Kayaking Can Improve Your Health

Have you ever been to a vacation resort and seen other people enjoying a nice, long kayak ride? Have you thought about becoming a kayak explorer? You’re on the right track if you are considering taking up kayaking as a hobby. It can do wonders for your health. Here’s how:

It Strengthens Your Muscles

The very act of kayaking can help you to build muscle strength and endurance. It doesn’t just work one area of your body; it works at least five. Some of the main areas that get toned from regular kayaking are the abdominal muscles, pectorals, shoulders, biceps and back. Additionally, you can burn more than 450 calories per hour engaging in kayaking. That’s more calories than you can burn doing some of the popular fitness activities such as running or bicycling. If you were looking for a hobby that will keep you fit and trim, you’ve found it.

Check out this Kayak Infographic:

It Enhances Mood and State

Another muscle that you work when you get on a kayak and start rowing is your heart. You work your heart, and that causes your body to release various hormones and brain chemicals. Two of the chemicals that you release are serotonin and dopamine. Both of those elements are responsible for feelings of well being, calmness, and even joy. Your emotional health is an important part of your overall qualify of life. Therefore, you should seriously consider picking up this activity.

Kayaking Fosters Peace and Serenity

Water and other natural elements always seem to encourage a sense of peace and serenity. Going on kayaking adventures can give you some of that great peace and tranquility that everyone needs from time to time. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see a variety of scenery and broaden your experiences and horizons.

It Can Strengthen the Romance

Have you ever considered going on a kayak with the one that you love on your special day? You can take a long and loving ride on Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary, or any other day that you feel is special to yourself and your mate. You will feel like you are the only two people in the world during the time that you spend together on your kayak. Alone time always improves a relationship that is lacking it. Consider renting one of these gorgeous boats the next time you plan a getaway with your loved one.

Become a Kayak Explorer Today

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Don’t be afraid. You can become a kayak explorer today if you like. You will need to speak to an expert so that you can choose a model that is right for you. Some of the models that you have at your disposal are Tandem kayaks, sit-on-top models, touring models, and recreational units. A specialist can take some information about you and then assist you in the process of elimination. You can hire a teacher to instruct you to operate the kayak, as well. Start learning how to be a pro today. It’s a great idea!

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