Developing the Most Optimal Child Technology

optimal child technologyIt has always been a challenge for parents to limit their kids’ access to the internet and the amount of time they’re spending on today’s devices. Simple yet addicting games can be found everywhere. From smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and computers, these games can affect your kids’ performance in school – and not in a positive way.

Child technology

As this is the case, many developers are scrambling to create an app or an entire software to limit a child’s freedom when using a device.

One aspect that is being looked at right now is the concept of placing a timer on a device that hinders a child access when they have reached a time threshold after using it for a while. The app may connect the child’s device to a parent-phone which informs the adults that little Timmy has been on his Tablet for a consecutive number of hours.

Not only will this comes as a relief to parents, but it will also tech a child at a young age how to manage their time and to not burn their entire day looking at a screen.

It’s important to note that this idea is just being explored at the moment and will need further development as devices such as smartphones have certain limitations.

However, it may not be long until Apple and other major tech companies such as Samsung, Google, and Microsoft make a breakthrough as there is a high demand among parents for this technology.

People with children have been looking for that certain app that protects their kids from the darker side of the internet, as well as ensure that their little ones are actually spending their free time learning new educational things.

Learn first then play

The concept behind child technology isn’t new. In fact, certain devices such as Kindle Fire and Kindle Free Time service have already delved into this matter. The Kindle Free Time subscription removes any form of entertainment and non-educational content from the Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets until a child spends a certain amount of time with the educational contents and apps which can be tailored by parents and is automatically enforced by the software.

Developers have been expanding on this concept and have come out with a number of suggestions which can broaden the scope of this technology. But nothing has been a permanent fit as the constant evolution of devices is faster than ever.

And even if there comes a time when devices comes with an app or software that has the most optimal child technology, parents shouldn’t lessen the attention they give to their children. Vigilance is always king when it comes to kids.

Make them understand why you’re enforcing these limitations. Strengthen their discipline when it comes to using smart devices. You can’t always be there for your child 24/7, but the lessons you impart on them can be.

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